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Jeff Cook Real Estate, on average, sells homes over $500,000 in just 60 days.  That's 51 days faster than the national average! Our Luxury Specialists give your home the attention it deserves, getting it sold fast and for the right price.


Too Many buyers

On average, Jeff Cook Real Estate has over 2,200 active buyers searching our database every month in search of their dream home.  With that number always on the rise, we have plenty of buyers eagerly looking at our Signature Homes.


10th in the nation

Jeff Cook Real Estate was named the 10th team in the nation and 1st in South Carolina by Real Trends in 2018.  Every Luxury Specialist is supported by this award-winning team to get your home sold faster and for more money.

Your Home

deserves the best

Time to give it what it deserves. With us. 


Our Signature Home Division is tailor-made to highlight everything that makes your home stand out. When your house is placed in our Signature Homes Division, you get all of our premium services from twilight and aerial photography, to a personal luxury-certified agent who will make your home selling experience fast and stress-free!



Twilight & Aerial Photography 

The two professional photography options that we offer highlight your home in the best angles and lighting possible. Aerial photography depicts your home from all angles, showcasing its size, yard, and structure. Meanwhile, twilight photography is the hidden gem for photographing homes. During the “blue hour,” homes shine bright to the contrasting blue sky, showing off an extra pop of detail and space that the home has to offer.


Dedicated Website for your Home

Once your home is placed in our Signature Homes Division, your home will get its very own personal website. The website will provide a video tutorial of your home, twilight and aerial photographs, and everything your home has to offer with rooms, acres, extra amenities, and more!


Your Personal Agent

Our Signature Home Division offers 17 certified luxury specialists who are available whenever you need. This certified agent has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you get your home sold fast. Your personal agent will cut out all of the middle men and will tailor to all of your needs, answering all of your questions and easing you of all your concerns.


More Features for Selling your Home

Showcase your home with all of these services included in every Signature Home listing.


Video Marketing

If you prefer video instead of aerial photography, we can provide a full video tour for potential buyers that will be showcased on YouTube and Zillow to capture the attention of buyers.


Tailored Social Media Ads

Let your home be displayed gorgeously on our social media accounts where thousands of buyers can view and share your home with other potential buyers.


full team

There is a full team behind your luxury specialist.  Everything from your listing team to the marketing is working on getting your home sold.


Featured on IMLs

We are one of few elite real estate teams that have access to the International Multiple Listings Service to attract buyers from over the whole world.

Tri Fold Brochure MockUp 2.png

Custom House Brochure

We create a custom brochure for your home, highlighting its best features and displaying your home the way it was meant to be seen.

apartment-architectural-design-architecture-323780 copy.jpg

Many more

We offer too many services to list here.  For more information, call:  (843) 501-0530


Say Hello to the Team.

These signature specialists are the elite real estate agents of Charleston.  Each one is handpicked and is the best choice for your signature home..


Our Signature Home Specialists

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Bryan Wilson

Stan Taylor

Mike McDonagh

Rick Frondorf

David Bateman

Jessica Lloyd

Treg Monty

Rory Goode

Bob Macon

Madison Toms

Lance Overstreet

Holly Carder

Susie Shultz


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